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Our standalone products, PluralEyes and Offload, will require a license to open after the trial expires.

Before installation, close all intensive programs. During installation process, select which host applications you want the product installed for and complete the installation. Launch your host application and search the effects library for our plugins. All of our software installs as a trial by default, ready to be activated at any time using your serial number.

You can convert your trial to a perpetual or subscription license during the trial period or after the trial has expired. Link is our application manager that detects your Red Giant products and their individual version numbers for upgrades and updates when available. You can mix and match activations between Mac and Windows, and the plug-in can reside on a network. Red Giant Effects Suite features a variety of tools providing a wide range of capabilities. Create believable and dramatic lens flares using Knoll Light Factory.

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PlaneSpace manages complex comps using 3D layers, including video as a layer, to create 3D shapes. You can use Psunami to create realistic and dramatic water effects, and use the Holomatrix plug-in to create holographic looking effects. Image Lounge is a series of filters for adding impact to your footage, while Composite Wizard provides you tools to gain control over difficult to key shots. The Warp toolsets allows you to easily work with warped footage and bring it seamlessly into your composite.

ToonIt adds a variety of cartoonish looks to your footage, giving you the rotoscope effects, without the rotoscope process. PlaneSpace PlaneSpace manages 3D layers within After Effects; you can use it to create layers that form cubes, spheroids, and other shapes.


Effects Suite Updates. Please visit this products compatibility page for Download for Mac OS X | Download for Windows. , , Update Details. Effects Suite is a complete set of visual effects and motion graphics plugins for creating professional effects. Every tool runs on Mac and Windows. Learn more .

You can also use the tools, often referred to as Assistants, to arrange 3D layers into various shapes. Once a 3D layer is created, PlaneSpace can manage it.

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Control palettes are divided into two categories, Pro and Lite. Trapcode Suite now ships with two Guru Presets by David Vinson for Shine and Particular, giving you bonus presets for broadcast-ready design. Our plugins are fully functional and operational, allowing you to test out its features and system compatibility. After the greenscreen is keyed, Composite Wizard uses time-tested tools to seamlessly integrate your subject and background layers. Add to Cart. The Warp toolsets allows you to easily work with warped footage and bring it seamlessly into your composite. Trapcode Mir creates fast-rendering 3D design elements that respond beautifully to light, texture and depth, and is built on OpenGL rendering for super speed.

There is no limit to the number of layers that the plug-in can manage, and if you have imported video as 3D layer, that can also be managed by PlaneSpace. Using the plug-in you can easily morph one shape into another, without needing to manipulate a complex animation process. The control panels are divided into two groups, a Lite group for quickly building shapes, while the Pro version gives you more control. Different tools feature a host of keyframeable options to set up the scale, number of layer, height and width.

There are even controls for randomizing the settings result. Distribution tools The Distribution Tools let you distribute layers around a sphere, cube, cylinder, line, plane, or pyramid. Different from the Creator tools, distribution tools build off the base shape. For example, you can use a cylinder distribution tool to create arrangements that look like fans, a corkscrew, or a staircase with just a few clicks. PlaneSpace supports and manipulates an unlimited number of layers; the only limit is your computer's processing power.

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You can duplicate and distribute large groups of layers, even hundreds at a time. Control palettes are divided into two categories, Pro and Lite. There are six Lite tools that let you quickly build a shape with minimum work, while the ten Pro tools offer more control over placement and repetition You can use two of the creator tools to animate one shape into another.

Host Application Support PlaneSpace works within After Effect's 3D space so animation and effects can be easily integrated with multiple cameras and lights.

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Psunami Psunami generates precise 3D geometry of an ocean surface, and then produces ultra-realistic ray-traced output that looks like real water. Psunami lets you animate detailed 3D oceanographic effects, and you can even submerge your virtual camera underwater. Psunami incorporates the RenderWorld ray-tracing engine from Arete Image Software, to render the water effects. Use Psunami's reflection mapping and atmospheric effects tools to add realism to the shot. The grayscale mode provides a fast preview of your water. Psunami allows you to render with realistic looking depth of field, for more realistic look and composites.

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You can also select to tile water patterns and loop water motion for increased rendering speed and quicker project set up. Psunami uses Arete Image Software's RenderWorld ray-tracing engine - the same renderer used in big budget movies. It features tools for animating Swell, Wind, Air, and Light Optics, Depth of Field and it has built-in image maps to create water effects that range from naturalistic to dramatic.

Hundreds of presets help you create a wide variety of realistic water environments. Tweak and adjust these presets, add in a sky and reflect it off the water. Use the Time Stretch feature to create slow-motion scenes, or created an animated wind effect, to quickly change the look of your waves. Psunami allows you to set the tilt, pan, roll and elevation for waves and swells. Use the Field of View tool to show surface detail or Bobbing Platform to activate a virtual floating camera.

For dramatic effects you can use Displacement Mapping to create whirlpools, or wakes. Built-in atmospheric tools allow you to add fog, rainbows or haze to your shot. You can define water patterns and tile them to speed up the render, while retaining realism.

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You can also loop your water effects for a seamless animation. Slider Settings are customizable and keyframeable so you animate your effects over the duration of the clip. Holomatrix Holomatrix is script based and works a little bit differently than other plug-ins that work within After Effects. However, the simplified user interface allows you to interact with Holomatrix in a way that is similar to what you may be used to. However, you can also delve deeper into the plug-in, for more control. Effects can be keyframed on and off, or you can allow the program to randomly apply the effect over the duration of clip.


Effects are keyframeable, so you can animate them, and you can also save your own settings as a preset. Holomatrix allows you to scale the effect based on the output format you select. This automatically adjusts how the effect is applied to account for the differences in resolution between SD, p, and Holomatrix comes with over 30 presets ready to use and adjust. Even though the plug-in is based on scripts, you can still modify and save presets. With control of over 80 properties, you have a very flexible tool pallete to create your effect.

You can set the likelihood that each effect is going to happen. This effects how often that effect occurs. This provides for a random application of the effect, with the higher setting, the more often the effect will be applied. Then you can keyframe the effect to be on or off for precise control. You can scale the Holomatrix presets based on the frame size.

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This scales the effect to the output resolution, taking into account number of scan lines in the output resolution. It features pre-set settings of SD, , and , however you can manually scale the effect within that range. Original effects. Generate effects that you can't do natively in After Effects, creating original results like volumetric light flares, animated fire and photoreal water. Compatibility Knoll Light Factory: Adobe After Effects: Overview Reviews Contact Us. Write your own review. Only registered users can write reviews.

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