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Evolution has chance to be the best choice however it has a lot of bugs and restrictions. Nice article, but I missed the email client Taroby which has come a long way since and is available for Linux, Win and Mac. What, no mention of Kerio? Tis open-source, and good value. My company uses it — of all our IT infrastructure, it requires the least babysitting.

Try Opera This will help greatly in the adoption of other clients, as this interests me a lot. In fact, I have soooo lost! Great article! I needed an alternative to Outlook and Outlook Express to segregate my gaming emails more completely from my personal and work emails, rather than just using mail filtering rules or IMAP. Hey thanks for your great efforts guys, however i have a dilema: I use windows xp for my work, and i use outlook for mails with exchange.

I am a huge linux fan and i keep trying to turn over to ubuntu.

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All i can do is use pop3 with exchange but its not the same as the way outlook does it and handles the calendar info and all. Is there any other client that works seamlessly with exchange server? It depends on your particular Exchange configuration and whether or not your system administrators see themselves as the all-knowing, all-powerful keepers of the kingdom, or if they are there to help.

Touchdown by Nitrodesk is a nice option for Android 1. You can get contacts i. I feel you are aware of Pegasus Mail v4. I have been using it for about 17 years and find it to be the most powerful and feature rich of them all, bar none. It can be used as a stand alone or networked, may also run individual copies for each e-mail address or just one to handle all of your e-mail address.

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I use the stand alone for each addy. Plus there are addons to improve security and how e-mail is handled. You icluded seamonkey suite and not Opera? So how is that the best email client for Mac? Opera is not so great on migrating either. They all have the same suffix.

So yes, Thunderbird is good app, every app has bugs from time to time. Personally dont like Claws or Sypheed,.. I know my mailboxes are sitting on my hard drive. I just need a way to get my old mailboxes up so I can search through and read them through a browser. So if they make a fix for PC users, Mac users typically have to wait about another 2 yrs. Moved copies into the same folder. Still nothing. I am apparently not the only one who is having this issue. I DID have to upgrade when I upgraded my OS because it kept giving me all this grief that it was not going to display things for me anymore. I had no idea they were going to blow all my stuff out of the water when I did a simple upgrade!

All: There is so much about this on the web now and the T-Bird forums, it has to be classified as a known issue. I am currently using Mail to back up my Gmail accounts. I mean, i would like a client where to mix contacts, mails, notes upon mails as when you phone call a customer regarding a mail, i would like to attach a note or something on it also easy follow ups on sent emails, notice of a not reply who should have replied maybe email was lost in its way or confused, not read, etc You understand… serious email usage… Which client would you recomend?

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5 days ago However, Linux distros usually offer alternative desktop environments besides the one installed by default. Microsoft Windows and macOS. SeaMonkey Mail is an e-mail client. SeaMonkey is a web browser. The SeaMonkey project work on Linux, macOS, and Windows family of.

What about support for HTML email? Kind of an important feature to note. Um, no. I migrated onto it for one month, it deleted all of my Sent e-mail.

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It includes user management via LDAP as well as optional online office integration. Use the desktop clients to keep your files synchronized between your Nextcloud server and your desktop. Flick through and find the one you want. Microsoft Exchange and Office Email Client. Etcher for Windows x86 x64 Installer. Perfect email alternative to privacy-invading services To provide the best privacy-focused email service, we are taking every step of your email usage into account.

Crap, crap, crap e-mail client. Avoid like the plague. Like millions of others work forced windows on me. Now I am retired I live a stress free life without soft ware conflicts, blue screens, and zero fire walls and bug killers and fixers.

Emails are a breeze and so is on line banking and everything else. What should you do …. I also use Opera. But just like life we all have different tastes … I like good quality of life for living and that means not being abused by microsoft people breakers.

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Break out explore and find the illusion of the Gates of Turmoil. Peace be with you and may your god smile upon you. What application to use in linux substitute in windows? The reason i stumbled onto this page is because i am looking for a working alternative. Both alpine and Slypheed are best bets for that case. Entourage worked as normal.

I should have known then that anything offered for free by MS is possibly suspect. All that was on offer for an email Apps was MS Outlook. As it happened the free trial of Outlook never worked. I reverted back to Entourage but soon found that it had been blighted. Kept getting white outs of any email which failed to display. After much wasted time went back to Apple Mail which does work — not too upmarket but gets the job done.

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Found Postbox 2. It is an improved version of Thunderbird not an Apple Product. Installed it and it has many clever facilities but really have not got time to learn. Bit too clever — failed to get SpamSeive to work on Postbox. So I am going back to Apple Mail. Simple but safe. Any spare time to play might revert back to Entourage — to see if it will play still. I have used Thunderbird now for about a week and find 2 things annoying: 1.

It will not jump to an email embedded URL. It has no provisions for adding Groups to individual addresses. Personally I like using Sparrow. It is a very clean and simple email client. I suppose if you are trying to do more complicated things it wont suffice, but for day to day emailing I love it. For text email client requirements. The fastest i found was Cone… simple install compared with Mutt and more features than Alpine. Just passing through.

Other clients work well though! I seem to be in a minority here, but I like for my email client to simply do email. If I want to look at a web site, I should use a web browser. I never wanted my email to look like a website. Email should be simple text so it can be downloaded quickly.

Mike, I fully agree with you!