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From the name itself, this is a free MP3 CD burner that can burn not just audio files but data as well including but not limited to photos, archives, documents, videos, movies and many more. There are different versions available but the free version is enough if you only need basic CD burning features. For Mac users, no need to install additional programs as the iTunes itself is capable enough to manage songs and burn MP3 files to CD. It is suggest to download the latest version of iTunes since it is easier to operate.

Now, refer to the following steps to get started. Once fully consumed, you cannot write on it anymore and you cannot physically delete written data files as well. You can even erase everything and use the CD over and over again until it is past its life.

Streaming Audio Recorder Streaming Audio Recorder is a powerful tool that can record streaming MP3s, live radio feeds, audio chats and many more. Download Install the program on your computer.

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Insert a blank CD into your PC. But data CD is just for storing music and other documents. Once done, a notification message will appear saying that the CD has been successfully burned.

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After downloading and installing the program on your PC, a launch window will appear. Open iTunes, click the icon on the left corner on the interface.

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Burn CD with All Ways. You can select multiple wma files at once. Select the correct burn drive from the list, and change other settings if necessary. You cannot burn a playlist containing protected M4P files that have been burned more than seven times. Create a playlist of all the songs that you want on your MP3 CD.

Add songs to your playlist by dragging and dropping files from your library. Insert a blank CD and let the program recognize the CD. When it is done, you will see a reminder, then you can enjoy music with CD smoothly. Rating: 4. Last updated on May 23, The steps are very basic that you can do this even if you do not have prior experience to burn audio CD.

In additional, this program offers other useful functions. It does a very excellent job in recording audio and extracting audio from online videos. You can convert audio files to desired format and edit them with ease. This is a program that converts and burns various audio formats to CD including MP3.

Burn Music to CD on Mac with All Methods

Burning songs to CD using this tool is easy. And the steps on burning MP3 to audio CD are pretty easy to follow. Since iTunes only burns songs from playlists, so the CD burning begins by creating a playlist. Next, you can drag the songs that you want to burn into the playlist.

How to burn MP3 to an Audio CD for any CD player & car stereo using Windows Media Player

A window will show up and letting you make necessary settings. While the three given methods would let you burn audio files to CD. The first method, which is using Streaming Audio Recorder, is better than the other two methods. As for iTunes, the operations are not that flexible and sometimes cause confusion. Plus, both of the second and third methods only work well with DRM-free music. Thus if you are looking for a more effective tool that gives you more options to burn audio CD from MP3, then Streaming Audio Recorder is the best choice.

MP3 and Audio CD

The benefit to this is that burning the files as a data CD, you can fit a lot more files than you can properly formatted audio files in the audio CD format. Mac OS X. A standard audio CD can accommodate a max of 80 minutes of playback, meaning that your playlist (You will find out for sure when you try to burn.) MP3 CDs require special players to run.

Download Before starting the conversion, prepare everything that you would need in the process. Rating: 4. Last updated on October 31, Leave a Comment 3 Comments. Please input your name!