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Welcome to the best Farming Simulator 17 mods mods site! Farming Simulator publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Giants Software have reported the next one in the series. The game is expected to have a lot of new features, like highly improved graphics and physics, new textures, maps, equipment and tools like tractors, combines and other powerful machinery.

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E Sound Update and Indoor Sound V [MP] · August 3, · Other. E Sound Update and Indoor Sound V Download mod. Here is the money cheat mod for Farming Simulator CTRL + ALT + [Horn key] gives you Download modification Download mod.

As we were with the earlier version of the game series, we will have the best Farming Simulator Mods, FS Mod direct downloads for the game! Mods is the best way to improve your gaming experience and get the full functionality of the game. We will have the best and newest cars, combines, harvesters, maps, tractors, trailers, trucks, tutorials, cheats, Updates, reviews, news and more!

Login Register. Scania R v 1. Kenworth Tow Truck. Box trailer v 1. As with the combi mode, a combine can be found automatically or set manually. The course's start point should be in proximity to a waiting trailer e. From there, the course must lead to the trailer. When the overloader's pipe is above the waiting trailer so when it's able to overload , a waiting point needs to be set.

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Later, while driving the course, this waiting point tells the overloader to stop, extend the pipe, and start overloading. During, an info message XYZ has reached overload point. When the overloader is empty, the driver will continue the course and wait at the last waypoint for his next unloading operation.

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After the waiting point, the course needs to extend a little further away from the trailer , ideally back to the start point. When fertilizing or seeding, there are two sections: one, the actual work part on the field, and two, the course from the field to the refilling trigger and back to the field. You record the course yourself. It is important that there need to be two waiting points. The first one at the position where the work on the field should start, and the second at the position where the work on the field should end.

This work area is absolutely necessary for the correct functioning of this mode.

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The course can be generated automatically. For further information, see the Generate course section. The waiting points will be set automatically. The second part, the automatic refilling, is a regular "A to B" course. As soon as a refilling trigger is recognized, the driver stops and refills automatically. If a tool isn't fillable via a trigger, but rather manually e. As soon as the tool is empty, it goes into transportation mode and the driver follows the refilling course. Back at the field, the driver drives to the point on the field where it last stopped work, sets the tool into work mode, and continues working.

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The first thing to do is to get rid of all those copies of WeiDU for Mavericks. Labels: farming simulator 15, farming simulator mods, farming simulator mods, free mods, fs 15 mods, fs15 mods, game, game mods, ls 15 mods, ls15 mods, news Monday, August 4, Farming Simulator 15 - First Screenshots. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This manual aims to describe the Courseplay hud, the changeable settings, and the different drive modes. Mac OS is a proprietary OS, not opensource. Simulator modification site simulator-MODS. Then, the driver drives to the combine, comes from behind, and drives underneath the pipe, where the combine starts to unload into the tractor's trailer.

The transfer mode is the most simple form to get from A to B. It uses a completely regular course with a start and an end point. The driver blindly follows that course, without unloading or other fancy stuff. Reaching the end, the driver returns to the start point and repeats the course. If you want to prevent that, you need to activate the Stop at last point or at next trigger option.

The field work mode is the work horse of all the different modes: it can be used for pressing and collecting bales, windrowing, teddering, cultivating, collecting grass or straw, and much more. Also, the work area must be defined between two waiting points; the unloading course needs to go through a corresponding trigger. Tools will be un folded and de activated automatically. Drivers with balers as tools will stop and unload the bales automatically. This mode works similarly to the overloading mode.

The course must have a waiting point at the overloading position, where the combine will stop, extend the pipe, and unload.

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The combine needs to be hired as a regular helper or with AutoCombine , and only then Courseplay may be activated. Then it drives to the course's start point, follows the course until the waiting point, where it will unload into a waiting trailer. After, it will follow the course until the end point, from where it will drive to the last position where it worked as a helper. Now, it will activate its cutter and continue threshing.

The liquid manure transporting mode is for transporter barrels and similar tools that have an integrated liquid manure filling trigger. The tool is refilled at a liquid manure silo and then driven to a field's edge, where a working liquid manure barrel can refill automatically. The course must lead through a liquid manure trigger e. At the position where the liquid manure barrel should refill hence the transporter should stop , there needs to be a waiting point.

This mode lets you fill a shovel in a designated area e. At the point where the shovel should start loading, set waiting point 1. This point indicates the start of the filling area. During the driving of the course, the shovel will be set to the. At the end of the silo, set another waiting point 2.

This point indicates the end of the filling area. Set the direction to reverse , and reverse back out of the silo and a bit further. Try to drive as straight as possible. The last 3 or 4 waypoints of that section should be as straight as possible.

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Set the direction to reverse , and reverse back as straight as possible. Set the direction to forwards and drive back to right before the starting point. Before starting the driver, make sure you've set the necessary shovel positions. When starting the driver, he will drive to waiting point 1 and set the shovel to the loading position.

He will continue until the shovel is full, then stop and set the shovel to the transport position. He will then switch to the "reverse out of the silo" part of your recording, and continue to drive the recorded course. Four waypoints before waiting point 3 the driver will set the shovel to the pre-unloading position and start looking for a bunker or a trailer to unload to.

If nothing has been found, the driver will stop.

The shovel will then be set to the unloading position and unload. But, to ensure a perfect procedure, the trailer should be right at your waiting point 3. For general descriptions of the settings, see HUD: Course generation. If the field scanner is activated, choose a field edge path from the list. If no field is selected, the currently loaded course if present is used as a field edge path. Set the work width.

The work width is needed to calculated the distance between the course's lanes.

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Set the starting corner.