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The Original Kings of Comedy

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Bernie Mac Smacks A Nerve

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Please try again. Within this routine, the seeds were planted for The Bernie Mac Show. At the same time, he had been mulling the idea of spoofing the still young but soon to be omnipresent reality-TV craze. By marrying the two ideas together, the general framework for The Bernie Mac Show was born. Mac would star and it would depict him struggling to raise children while at various times breaking the fourth wall and directly addressing the camera in a sort of tell-all confessional.

This framework in part laid the groundwork for what would eventually become an en vogue comedy style: The show, which debuted in , came during a dry period for the single camera style in comedy.

Bernie Mac: Milk & Cookies

All extremely well done, funny shows but all still playing more or less within the common framework of the multi-camera setup. Showing just how in touch he was with comedic culture trends, Mr.

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Wilmore would become involved in creating the American version of The Office some years later. However, when Mac debuted, it had the added twist of an almost all African-American cast and a head of household that straddled the line between urban sensibilities and common family situations. Bernie Mac was not your typical patriarchal figure as he enjoyed tormenting the kids as much as a good game of poker or a cigar.

In later years and in their standup, Steve Harvey and DL Hughley would often joke that America was always shocked when they cursed or went raunchy with their acts since on TV they seemed so polished. Bernie Mac, however, doubled down on his persona, not re-casting him as a perhaps more friendly to suburban sensibilities doctor or teacher. Even more interesting, the show flipped some of the typical household roles by having Bernie act as more the stay at home dad since his career enabled him to work more on his own time versus his wife who had a steady and successful Bernie is shown being proud that he decorated his house, picked out the tile and furniture and enjoys cooking food, which in many sitcoms is not a sign of male power or masculinity.

Much of the early tension in the show involved Bernie coming to grips with being a true guardian to three kids after living a much simpler life with his wife Wanda. Almost every episode begins with Bernie in his den, giving his take on the world and trying to make sense of how upside down it has become. As is the case, Bernie puts up a tough front but is met with results that force him to re-consider and usually soften his stances.

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Sure, the situations could be outsized from time to time as is the nature of TV but the show handled things in surprisingly realistic ways. Likewise, the show enjoyed the freedom of a single camera setup by playing with timelines and shooting in a variety of styles not commonly seen on sitcoms.

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Bernie Mac FULL PERFORMANCE on The Original Kings Of Comedy. The Original Kings of Comedy: Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley, Steve Harvey, Spike Lee: Movies & TV.

Rather than cut immediately to the action outside, the camera lingers on the empty chair a moment, to hammer that this is some form of heightened documentary and not a planned cut. Also, the use of little footnotes throughout each episode adds punchlines to many events, serving as a sort of framing device and precursor to using a narrator a la Arrested Development.

I Ain't Scared of You: A Bernie Mac Collection

The single camera also gave some of the framing a more cinematic feel and often would show various angles not possible in a traditional multi-cam setup such as the view through a thermostat on an episode revolving around a broken air conditioner. Vanessa has spent much of her life already taking care of her siblings and as the pressures to just be a teen are weighing in, she pulls away.

In the end everything turns out well enough as Bernie and his wife determine Vanessa needs her space and freedom to just be a teen. The episode culminates with the realization that being a parent with a teen means an uneasy alliance at all times, that you need to both give power and space to receive it back in kind, a surprisingly deep message for any show, not just a network sitcom.