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It is unlikely that this adapter is available any longer. Apples current Macs currently have Thunderbolt ports which are identical to Mini DisplayPorts, but with extra features.

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I want to hook a Mini DisplayPort 24" LED Cinema Display to my Mac Pro ( it's actually the 8-core refresh (specs), dual processor 3. I just replaced my ATI in my MP with the ATI that has two mini ports. WOW! Quiet and it just works. More Less. Oct 16,

Idiosyncrasy : Typically this configuration will carry both audio and video from your Mac to your TV. However, the first few Mac models with Mini DisplayPorts port do not carry audio signals.

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They only carry video signals. Note: MacBook Pro models 8,1; 8,2 and 8,3; iMac models 12,1 and 12,2, as well as Mac Minis model 5, 1; 5,2 and 5, 3 all have Thunderbolt ports instead of regular Mini DisplayPort ports.

Thunderbolt and Mini DisplayPort : differences and compatibility

Thunderbolt ports look and act the same as regular Mini DisplayPort ports, but they offer additional features as well. All you need is the HDMI cable. Idiosyncrasy : Using a digital audio cable is not an option for MacBook Airs 2,1; 3,1 and 3,2 since their audio output port is analog only. Buy one or two cables and maybe an adapter as specified in Method 1 or Method 2.

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Leave this field empty. Started with a Nvidia with one display, added 2nd card and 2nd display, upgraded to one Nvidia for the two displays.

Mini DisplayPort Adapter

It will crash. As mentioned, Im using both the displayports now and they work a charm. Whatever the future holds, the Mac Pro Cheesegraters are long-in-tooth, and the viability of using one as a daily driver is fading but with right upgrades has still life left. A PCIe 2. With the extreme lack of PCIe 4. Anyone tried this? All configurations were replaced in October by the Mac mini Late

Now would like to upgrade again to improve gaming, particularly Civ V. I am not looking to replace my , I am looking to keep on using it in addition to a second card.

I need to upgrade my x which is currently driving both screens. Have you guys heard anything about availability of the ?

Mini DVI to DVI Adapter

Are they just trickling in and hard to get or do they just plain not exist yet? Have you heard any guidance about when supplies will be available?

Apple WWDC 2006 Keynote - The first Mac Pro introduction

We currently do not carry that model. As far as the availability of future products is concerned, your crystal ball is about as good as ours. I have the exact same problem as mitesh. I installed the Mac Pro kit.