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The first time that Mac users could finally say that proper dictation had arrived was when Nuance offered Dragon Dictate for the Mac. Nuance has updated Dragon Dictate for the Mac to version 4. You do this by providing the software with a sample of your speech so that it learns what your voice sounds like and your way of pronouncing different words.

Setting up Dragon Dictate was not hard, nor was it long and cumbersome. I immediately noticed that it was a lot faster then the previous version, v 2, that I had used. Once I plugged in the USB microphone and selected it, I just followed the directions on installing the downloaded version.

I registered the software as required more on that later and followed the instructions on using the microphone.

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I began creating my voice profile. The Voice Profile itself only took me several minutes to read through the paragraph as provided by the software, providing a sound level and voice training for the system to utilize. As you are reading and the system is learning, the words you have read will then turn green in the dialog box. If you follow the directions, read the paragraph to include punctuation, you should be up and running in short order.

Since I am the primary user, my profile was all that I needed.

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I was also able, as the only user, to install Dragon Dictate on my Macbook Pro and copy my initial voice profile over to the Macbook and begin to utilize the software immediately. Nuance has also updated the software to work more closely with Gmail. Dragon Dictate has added a transcription feature, which, if you are the one making notes using a smartphone or a digital audio recorder, will make your life a heck of a lot easier. Now working with my iPhone, I recorded dictation for the required 90 seconds for training purposes and using Dragon Dictate, it asked if I wanted to open it, I did, and a transcription of what I had read appeared in a dialog box, sans punctuation.

Now I sat there and clicked within the text and that area became highlighted and I could either accept it or ignore it. When you do find errors, you just type in the text box and change the text.

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This also helps train Dragon Dictate to properly handle your transcriptions. Of course, having Tim Robertson speak in his normal rate of speech caused a few more corrections to be done.

The image below is what originally appeared when I imported it into Dragon Dictate. I then downloaded an audio clip where the speaker was taking their time, basically reading a prepared speech and there were only a couple of corrections needed. Now before everyone thinks that they can use Dragon Dictate in an environment where there are multiple speakers, that is not going to happen, at least not right now.

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They finally reached a descent and mature product only to abandon it when they really have something viable. I have cubital tunnel syndrome which has made typing and using a mouse very painful. You are commenting using your Google account. Dan Barbera. It also interpreted a statement that my 80 year old patient "enjoys cooking" as "enjoys cocaine". As of now, Nuance will no longer provide updates for the software. Corellium describes itself as the "first and only platform" that offers iOS, Android,

If Nuance continues to work on and improve Dragon Dictate, that may come to pass. The more I used Dragon Dictate 4, the more I like it. I was really amazed that there was very few items that caused me any issues other than the fact that when I decided to try out different microphones to assess the flexibility of the program, I did run into a bit of a problem. I thought I would update and purchase a new headset, a Logitech H, thinking that per information on websites that it was being used by PC users with dictation software it would be fine.

I was wrong on that point. I did return the Logitech headset. Honestly, no. There are items that Dragon Dictate does have issues with when you are speaking. I would say treats and got traits; I finally figured out I just needed to take my time and once Dragon Dictate became used to me, the mistakes lessened. If you don't have any custom words, it may be better to create a new profile.

Transcription sources are no longer stored in the Profiles pane.

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If your Dragon for Mac 5 or Dragon Dictate 4 profile included Transcription sources, they are available in the Speaker dropdown list in the Transcription window. Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6 features a new, compact Status window. Here's what you need to know:. Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6 only appears in the menu bar, not the dock, and is designed to stay running constantly. You no longer need to switch from your current application to Dragon and switch back to use any of Dragon's features.

You can even change profiles from the menu bar without ever leaving your application!

If you want to add Dragon to the Dock, drag the Dragon icon from the Applications folder to the Dock. To make sure Dragon is always running, even if you restart your computer, open Dragon and do the following:.

Dragon Dictate for Mac V4 Review

To add an Auto-text, click the icon in the menu bar and select Add New Auto-text…. See Auto-text commands for more information.

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To show the Correction window:. See Using Correction for more information.